International Council of Police Representative Associations

This international network of police unions was started by the Canadian Police Association (CPA) in 1996 and now has approximately 1.5 million members affiliated through national police associations and federations.

ICPRA membership includes police unions from four continents, speaking over 30 languages, connected through ICPRA.


Latest News

No Easy Thing to Address the Burden of the Past
Mark Lindsay, Chair, Police Federation for Northern Ireland

There’s an entire generation in Northern Ireland for whom the ‘Troubles’ were something that happened before they were born. They never woke up to the latest news of appalling terrorist actions or the misery they left in their wake. It’s now twenty years since the Belfast Agreement which was to transform Northern Ireland; end the […]

Australian Police Week 2018
Fiona Wade, Senior Adviser, PFA

The upcoming ICPRA conference will be part of the PFA’s inaugural Police Week in September 2018. Bookended by the Wall to Wall: Ride for Remembrance and National Police Remembrance Day; the event aims to draw the policing community together to participate and honor those officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and celebrate the wonderful […]

Flexible Working Arrangements for Police Officers in Australia and New Zealand
Mark Burgess, CEO, Police Federation of Australia

In October 2016, the PFA commissioned a comprehensive survey investigating Flexible Working Arrangements for Police Officers in Australia and New Zealand. The survey was completed by over 11,400 officers 16.5% of all Australian and New Zealand sworn officers. This is the largest member survey the PFA has ever conducted, the high participation rate demonstrates that […]

Garda Representative Association Wellbeing Survey 2018
Garda Representative Association

This Report makes for startling reading. Dr Fallon concludes that over a quarter of our membership may be suffering from either Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or a variant of this condition and that organisational, structural and working deficiencies may be directly contributing to this serious state of affairs. Internal operational pressures and external life demands […]

Police Tackle Firearms Data Gap
Chris Cahill, President, New Zealand Police Association

The Police Association and Police National Headquarters (PNHQ) both want to improve the official recording of firearms incidents in New Zealand. Both the Association and the PNHQ know there are almost daily reports of criminal incidents involving firearms in New Zealand. Both the Association and PNHQ know there are almost daily reports of criminal incidents […]

Dealing With The Past Is Next Big Challenge
Mark Lindsay, Chair, Police Federation for Northern Ireland

Dealing with the past can often impact badly on the here and now, and nowhere else is that more the case than Northern Ireland. Legacy is a potentially toxic issue. Since the 1998 Belfast or Good Friday Agreement, which was supposed to signal an end to terrorism and deliver lasting peace, the past has been […]

Upcoming Events

ICPRA Biennial Conference

The ICPRA Biennial Conference will be held in Canberra, Australia on 24 & 25 September 2018.
For a copy of the conference agenda (click here)

Executive Committee

Tom Stamatakis – ICPRA Chairman

Mr. Stamatakis has sat on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Police Association (CPA) since 2003, and served as Vice-President of the organization since 2005 and acclaimed President for a second term in September 2014.


Calum Steele – ICPRA General Secretary

Calum Steele is the General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation having been first elected to the role in June 2008.


Australia’s POLICE WEEK 2018

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