Garda Representative Association Wellbeing Survey 2018

Garda Representative Association

This Report makes for startling reading. Dr Fallon concludes that over a quarter of our membership may be suffering from either Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or a variant of this condition and that organisational, structural and working deficiencies may be directly contributing to this serious state of affairs. Internal operational pressures and external life demands make the experience of many of our members susceptible to very high stress levels.

We have experienced the tragic loss of a number of our colleagues recently and we commiserate deeply with their families, colleagues and friends. These losses may be indicative of underlying personal challenges in the force. Worldwide surveys of this type demonstrate a high level of stress and trauma among police men and women. With significant symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (perhaps close to a third of gardaí first responders are what Dr. Fallon describes as “walking wounded” from a wellbeing perspective), An Garda Síochána now urgently need to quantify these issues and assess how they may be dealt with.

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